Welcome to ECON Community

The Economic Capital Organization Network (ECON) is currently developing itself as a business dedicated to revitalizing African American Communities in Chicago and other major cities worldwide.

Our vision is to completely reverse the direction of the African American Community by building a funding organization that will bring needed investment capital to under resourced communities.

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Startup & Expansion Capital

ECON has an amazing program which will work closely with new and established businesses.

Educational training programs

These workshops, seminars and online courses are designed to forward the business owner's

Coaches, mentors & advisors

Committed interns and business executives who have demonstrated their ability to build and

From the Desk of Ellis Cowart

ECON, forms the acronym for Economic Capital Organize Network. Our network involves many people working together to bring about a social and economic change by generating sustainable capital to support a future of common growth, development and remarkable achievement.

ECON has been created in response to the demise of African American business manufacturers, distributors, grocery store owners and other entities that cease to exist due to lack of resources. I have personally had many businesses and experienced the same problem attempting to accrue capital to grow my business. With this in mind, it occurred to me as it has several others that we need to provide our own community level capital base enabling us to liberate ourselves from a "beggar's stance".

ECON Community Leadership

  • Ellis Cowart is a seasoned business owner for several decades. He has owned and operated businesses in many different industries. As the Founder of ECON Community, he has a vision that would make it easier for African-Americans to build and thrive in the business world. He currently owns and operates a few businesses in the community and online as well. Being an entrepreneur is his gift. Now he wants to share the dynamic.

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    • Ellis Cowart
    • Founder
  • Rita Stewart has been an entrepreneur since the age of 10. She holds a BA in Communication from Westmar University. She spent the early part of her corporate career as an IT Consultant. As a seasoned professional and business owner, she now owns and operates a training and development company committed to transforming lives in the community she was raised.

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    • Rita Stewart
    • Operations Director
  • As the Media Communications Manager, Reese LaFrances brings a bold and fresh approach to the vision that we are sharing with our community. She has extensive knowledge, experience and reliability when it comes to supporting others in getting there message and brand across to the public. Her gift to each entrepreneur she engages is to hear their dream, put a vision to it and then share it in the media world.

    • Reese LaFrances
    • Media Communications Manager

Our Aboundant Past

Have you ever heard your grandparents reference "running numbers"? In Chicago this was a financial instrument known as Playing Policy. Policy was the numbers game that started in 1860 and ended in about 1969. Policy was used as a money machine for the black community in many large cities. Policy financed 60 to 80% of African American Businesses and operated in 25 states in the United States.

Now let us look at another historical perspective of how we sustained our own communities - BLACK WALL STREET in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Black wall Street began in 1890 and flourished until 1921, when it was burned down by the Ku Klux Klan. African Americans flourished and were in control of their economy. They owned their banks, grocery stores, bakery's and many other businesses. If we did it once, we can do it again.

ECON intends to establish neighborhood governments to control the economic flow of goods in and out of our neighborhoods. Our money will finally work for us..

News & Events

It's Been Done Before, We Can Do It Again: The History of .....

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Welcome to ECON Community
From the Desk of Ellis Cowart ECON, forms the acronym ...

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